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Koraks Aliuninum was estoblished in Konya Private Büsan Organized Industry High-tech CNC tuning
and processing center are used in the production of the products.
The production tokes place in tehe factory frpm cncprocess, mechanical process , polishing and
cloxol processes.
Our cloxol is teehinically anodized, and special chemicals and asmosis are used in our water system
to ensure high andoizing quolity.
In our accessories, which prioritizes our product quolity , hot fixing methed is used ib the anodizing
The accessories we produce are complatly structured.
High quolity production priniples have been struetured accordingly. The profiles of the monufactured
accessoties and assembly equipment are also in our soes portfolio


For koraks Alimuninum Ltd Sti quality is the expectations of our customers from the product ,
precsales and affter- seas service support, the prodctiob of the producets in the product porfilo in
standar sies, presting cuer product product with corditions , the comlet and comput delvery of the
orders at the required times.
The first goal is to be one of the orgonizations in the sector by applying a quolity morogment system,
the torget goal is the locomotive in the sector.
Quality is the affert of all emplaecs to satisy customer demonds and expecctoions at the aptimol
point in line with their duties and respansibilities.
This effort is the comman andeavor of all atoff, it is the resuıt of teomwork.
Company emplayecs sre tring to produce stanart products without defect, not to sort foult products
in thid prespective


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3. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Büyük Kayacık Mahallesi
Kuddusi Caddesi 19. Sokak No: 18
Selçuklu / KONYA / TÜRKİYE


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